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Must Read: Library Geek at West Warwick Public Library

AKA: Can you tell I'm catching up with LIS feeds I subscribed to ages ago, but hadn't read until this morning?

Laura, Library Geek in residence at the West Warwick (RI) Public Library, has taken her library's blog in a direction I haven't seen before -- she's focusing primarily on "the latest the library has to offer in technology, classes, and interesting computer tips and tricks." It's really smart to take an area of library staff members' professional & personal expertise and turn it into part of a library's service. It sets the library apart, so it's a great marketing tool. It's useful to patrons, so it's a great PR tool. And it's a way to encourage library staff to excel while exercising creativity, so it's a great employee recognition tool. Everyone wins!

My favorite category of Laura's posts are the ones about USB drives (more can be found here and here -- the most recent post is about how the library is selling mini-drives at low cost -- what a smart way to encourage patrons to let go of outdated & easily destroyed floppy disks).

I look forward to reading more about what librarians at West Warwick PL are doing to keep their patrons technologically up to date when classes resume in March.


  • At 2:10 PM, Blogger Christine said…

    I just went to Rhode Island for the first time ever this weekend. It was awesome! I'll have to look up this "geek" next time I go...


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