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Clarification Regarding Goals

Something I wrote below has been haunting me since I posted it:

Indispensability is the key not merely to libraries' survival (a paltry goal), but to a future in which we are thriving.

That came out more mean and more glib than I'd intended. I posted in a fired-up mood, and, well, sometimes fired-up = grumpy jerk. I apologize. I don't mean at all to denigrate the trials of people recently out of work in Salinas, Philadelphia, and other cities and towns where libraries are either closing or experiencing really tough times.

I meant more that I'm tired of witnessing a lot of hand-wringing about the future of libraries, and not enough coordinated action on that score. Librarians like to talk amongst ourselves; we're good at it. We're not so good at taking the steps we need to take (better marketing, more involvement in our communities, rethinking our collections & services, rethinking the entire reference interview) in order to change our libraries so that they can not only survive, but thrive as well.

It's amazing how much nicer (and more thoughtful) I am after dinner.


  • At 8:39 AM, Blogger Mary said…

    Oh Yes! I so totally agree with you - this is one of my huge "soapbox" issues!

    I love libraries and think they are valuable and wonderful, as so do most librarians I know. But, so few of us take that next step to TELL SOMEONE ELSE how valuable and wonderful they are! It's not even very hard; people are disposed to like libraries, they just need some more facts on all the great stuff we do!

    (stepping down from my soapbox for a few minutes now...)


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