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Are Your Patrons Blogging?

When I saw Mommy (And Me) on the cover of the NY Times Style section last Sunday, my first thought was, "Hey, I know that kid! Leta's on the cover of the Times! Cool!" (Of course, I've never met Leta or her parents, but I've been reading about the Armstrongs since before Leta was born. In some sense, I really do know that baby.) My second thought, after reading the article, was, "how many of these parent bloggers are library users?"

I bet lots of them are.

I bet they use their libraries' websites to find out about programming for their kids, to place holds on materials they want, to make materials requests, and so on.

This gives rise to my third thoughts: How many of these bloggers' libraries are aware of the bloggers in their midst? How many are making sure that their websites are catering to these very tech savvy families' needs? Are the libraries of bloggers blogging themselves? Are they offering blog safety classes for their kids? Blog software classes for wannabe patron bloggers? RSS feeds to their catalogues? Food for thought, and for action.


  • At 10:34 AM, Blogger Unknown said…

    Interesting questions. They would certainly be worth asking. In fact, blogging-literacy might be the next thing that libraries have to do.

    My library was recently approached by some bloggers who wanted to organise a Bloggers' Meet. If the event does take place in my library, I'd probably ask them "are you reading".

  • At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am getting a Youth blogging class together for summer 2006. It is for children, grades 4-6, who want to learn how to blog or enhance their blogs using blogger.com site.

    We will have a little safety instruction before starting and the parents will have to sign a internet safety release for their children to be able to participate.


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