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Tsunami & Disaster Relief

I am shamefully late to post this, I know.

Some resources I've seen elsewhere:
Google Tsunami Relief and CNN's News & Links, both via Saint Joseph's County Public Library blog.

Waterboro Library's blog also has a fairly comprehensive list of charitable organizations & news resources, notable particularly for encouraging donors to check organizations' overhead costs.

The good folks at This Is Not Over have many fine recommendations, as well, including quite a few for non-Americans.

And Jessamyn asks, "If your library home page doesn't change in response to massive world-changing events, doesn't that send a message, however inadvertent, about the responsiveness, and plugged-in-edness of the library itself?" Yeah, I'd say it does.

Edited to add: One more list of links, including one to a blog of the disaster, which includes video, courtesy of ResearchBuzz. There was a nice, brief piece on today's episode of Day to Day on how bloggers' coverage of the disaster has changed peoples' views of what blogs can be.


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