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PLA Blog Goes Live

The blogger-in-chief, Steven of Library Stuff, has unveiled the URL for PLA's official blog covering this year's ALA Midwinter Meeting in Boston, so I'm going to follow suit: voila! RSS feed is here. I'm a member of the team covering the meeting, and am planning to cover the following events:
  • Friday: Author forum with Tom Perotta; Best Books for Young Adults straw poll.
  • Saturday: YALSA all-committee meeting; YA Galley; and PLA's Leadership Development session.
  • Sunday: YALSA Publications committee meeting (I'm on this committee); and either the EBSCO Excellence in Small/Rural Library Services award committee, the HR discussion group, or Serving Young Adults in Large Urban Populations group.
  • Monday: Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults; YALSA Preconference Program Planning for Annual 2005.

I had a much, much larger list of events to cover earlier this week, but was forced to reconcile myself to the notion that I really can only be at one place at one time. Also, getting from meeting to meeting is going to take me longer than I think or hope it will. And even more also, I have to eat meals. I sometimes forget that when I'm making plans.

If you're going to be at the conference, and plan to attend any of the above sessions, please come say hello! I'll be the woman with longish brown hair (most likely in a ponytail) and the silvery, Morpheus-meets-Ursula-Nordstrom glasses.


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