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More on Millennials -- Gaming & The Workplace

I don't always agree with Lisa Belkin, but I like her conflicted parent take on gaming and her tween/teen kids. From the article:

gamers are 50 percent more likely than nongamers of the same age to describe themselves as "a deep expert in my work," a somewhat arrogant worldview for people in their 20's. The flip side of this arrogance, however, is a willingness to take a chance (60 percent of frequent gamers, compared with 45 percent of nongamers in the same age group, agree that "the best rewards come to those who take risks") and a view of failure as just part of the game.

Fascinating stuff, from both a managerial perspective (these kids are very likely to be ones whose managers will have to read & apply the principles found in How To Manage Smart People, which I found via Jessamyn's librarian.net.) as well as a public service perspective. More info on Beck & Wade's Got Game can be found here, here, and here.


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