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Listen Up

A host of links I've been sitting on for over a month now, most of them courtesy of the nice folks at NPR. Here we go:

First, a fascinating look at what role libraries play in the lives of people now, and what role(s) they may play in the future, on Soundprint. [Via a savvy NEXGENLIB-L member -- thanks!]

Next, a nice piece on kids' books that can help young readers sort out problems big & small, from friend issues to puberty to death, from All Things Considered.

Finally, there's been considerable flap among children's & YA specialists over Barbara Feinberg's memoir, Welcome To The Lizard Motel. I linked to an editorial of Feinberg's back when I was musing on summer reading programs, All Things Considered gave the book some coverage back in October, and Salon.com published a thoughtful, spirited rejoinder to Feinberg's arguments that YA problem novels are, themselves, part of the problem, available here. (The ad you'll have to sit through is well worth it, I promise, and not just because Whitney Joiner quotes my friend & colleague Carlisle Webber.)


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