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Librarians in Pop Culture (Or: a bit of navel-gazing)

It's an embarrasment of riches today. Or maybe I'm just feeling verbose. You decide! So first, we have The Librarian In Black's very thorough yet funny review of The Librarian, which aired on TNT last Sunday and is therefore guaranteed to rerun pretty much ad nauseam through New Year's (starting with tomorrow night at 10:15, apparently). If you missed it, you can easily catch it again, and again, and again. I love how the words "nerdish" and "bookworm" go together so naturally in the first sentence of the movie's description. I mean, I am a nerd. And a bookworm. And proud of both of those things. I just don't like those words being applied in a derogatory manner, is all. Le sigh. Thank goodness, then, for Entertainment Weekly's reassuring sidebar on groovy librarians in pop culture.


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