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College Financial Aid for Dummies

Many public libraries provide substantial print & electronic collections for both teens & anxious parents about the college applications process, and most also provide copies of the FAFSA for their patrons. How many offer classes (either in conjunction with local school guidance departments or independently) on how to decipher and accurately complete those blasted forms? The Washington Post has a very interesting article detailing the problems facing the well-meaning people who are in charge of these forms: "the problem is not just providing enough financial assistance for college, but making sure the red tape to apply for the money doesn't lead the poorest applicants to quit before they get started." While the good people at The College Board continue to work on this problem, what role can public, school, and college libraries play together to ensure that those who need financial aid most aren't giving up on the process before they even begin? Via The Kept-Up Academic Librarian.


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