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Programming Notes to Self -- Feel Free to Steal 'Em

Here's my crazy logic: If I post these ideas here, I'll be beholden to myself to follow through on them this summer & beyond. As an added bonus, I hope those of you who use these ideas will tell me all about how they worked out, offer refinements, how-to tips, and so on. I'll post your suggestions here for everyone to enjoy & use.

1) Pimp My Ride (On The Cheap). If you haven't taken the time to watch the alarmingly charming Xzibit oversee the transformation of a total junker being magically transformed into a by the creative geniuses at West Coast Customs, you really, really should. No, really. I'll wait. Seen an episode? Okay. Now, as you've seen, these little automotive makeovers involve pouring $35,000 into a car worth less than $1,000. That's not within reach of most teens. (I'm considering that sentence for entry in The Understatment of The Year 2004 contest.) But most car customizers, like all good decorators, know how to upgrade on the cheap. So here's my plan: invite local car customizer guys to come talk to teens about how to make their cars (or their parents' cars) look hot using some pocket money, not their college funds. I'd like to have a car show & tell show in the parking lot, plus a show & tell in the library, featuring items that will make a car pop for $50 and under.

2) Car Maintenance for Teens. I think this would make a great adult program, too, actually. How many of us know how to check our oil levels properly? Or our tire pressure? Or how to prevent battery connections from corroding? Invite local reputable mechanic to conduct a hands-on workshop. We could do this in the library parking lot.

3) Comic Book Stuff. I don't have a snappy title for this, but I do know of a really great local comic book shop whose staff might be willing to come help us celebrate Free Comic Book Day with some giveaways and a round-table discussion of trends in comics art, publishing, and related subjects with our many rabid teen comics fans.

That's all for now. More to be posted later. And I will get to posting about indie popculture resources, I swear. Just not this week.


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